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About Us

Project Management Consultants

  • Is your organisation flexible enough to respond to dynamic market?
  • Are you achieving the benefits expected from your projects?
  • Are you able to select and prioritise project that help to achieve strategic objectives?
  • Does your organisation struggle to deliver successful projects?
  • Do you want to establish a PMO that provide required governance but is agile?
  • Do you suffer from lack of formal project management training?
  • Do you want to fix your project delivery but do not have huge funds at your disposal?
  • Do you often see your team of project managers working long hours but still not delivering successful project outcome?
  • Do you want to have flexible but pragmatic project governance?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions then contact PROPRAC Consultants for no obligation free assessment of your organisational project management capability.

Research has shown that organisations with a structured project management approach achieve greater financial returns and outcomes that are strategically aligned with business goals.

PROPRAC Consultants is an Australian project management consulting and training firm. We provide consultancy, training and coaching services to develop sustainable Project Management Competency within the organisations. Using tailored “Project Management Maturity Assessment Tool” developed using industry best practices we provide an unbiased assessment of organisational project delivery capability and highlight the gaps in skills and methodology.

PROPRAC Consultants specialise in setting up Hybrid PMO (a PMO approach that combines the benefits of both Agile and traditional methods), Portfolio consulting, Project Management Training, PMO establishment and operation, Project Management Maturity Assessment, Portfolio Risk Management, Project Governance and Project & Program Delivery.

Our team of consultants have more than 40 years of international project consultancy and delivery experience and have successfully delivered business-critical projects and programs, and built strategic PMOs across industries such as; Construction, Finance, Gaming & Entertainment, Public service, FMCG, Natural Resources & Mining, Payment, and Telecommunication.

Using tailored ADD (Assess-Design-Deliver) approach our consultants assess the skills gap and recommend appropriate training and education based on the desired project maturity model. Focusing on strengthening process and methodology, we deliver strategic training roadmap required for sustainable project environment within the organisation.

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Why Choose PROPRAC?

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1. Cost Competitive!

The cost-related challenges that organisations face for upskilling their staff and training budget could develop into enormous pressures. PROPRAC Consultants offer cost-competitive solutions for professional classroom-based training. We run both in-house sessions or off-site to suit your needs.

PROPRAC Consultants work with clients to assess their needs and challenges to develop a cost-effective and appropriate end-to-end solution.

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2. Organisational Flexibility!

PROPRAC consultancy has a pool of project professionals & trainers with flexible skills who can be assigned to wide-ranging assignments on short notice. This prevents schedule slippage and budget overruns.

PROPRAC Consultants has flexible work location policy. The consultants may co-locate within the client premises until the completion of the assignment to ensure a smooth delivery.

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3. Our Team!

PROPRAC Consultants are certified project professionals (PMI, P3O, Agile, Scrum) and have relevant industry experience. Most importantly, we are passionate about project management and know that organisational growth and success is hugely dependent on organisational agility and capability to respond to dynamic market.

For a complete, no-obligation free assessment of your organisational project management capability, send an email to or call us today on +61 2 1300 733 618.